Combined with domestic market demand, new and new designs are made and customized.

Company Profile

Guangzhou Longyue Environmental Protection Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that is engaged in the research and development, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation, project commissioning, and water treatment chemical R&D and manufacturing of deep-water dewatering treatment technologies for mud slag materials. The main business includes: tailings treatment and recycling of waste water treatment for flotation or magnetic separation of various concentrators, sewage treatment and reuse of ceramic raw materials processing, sewage treatment of sand washing tailings, treatment of piling sludge for urban construction, and various types of enterprises Slurry water, sewage treatment and other services. The company has a number of engineering and technical personnel ...


Combined with domestic market demand, new and new designs are made and customized.


Product classification

  • Belt sludge dewatering machine
    Belt sludge dewatering machine

    Widely used in: construction piling, subway mud, paper, pulp, printing and dyeing, leather, textile, mining, electric crossing, chemical, sand making, sand washing plant mud, coal washing, river sludge, aquaculture sewage sludge, vegetable and fruit crushing, The environmental solid-liquid separation and dewatering equipment...

Technical characteristics

Combined with domestic market demand, new and new designs are made and customized

  • Transmission device

    Transmission device

    The transmission device is composed of a transmission shaft, a belt seat seal bearing and a cycloidal pin wheel reducer.

  • Chemical reaction apparatus

    Chemical reaction apparatus

    This machine adopts non-blocking static mixer (mixed dynamic mixer for non-floccible materials) for mixing sludge and chemical liquids

  • Feeding device

    Feeding device

    The sludge enters the feed distribution device after passing through the flocculation mixer and consists of diversion and overflow plates...

  • Tensioning device

    Tensioning device

    The role of the tensioning device is to tighten the upper and lower filter belts and drive all the rollers through the main drive roller

  • Frame


    The machine frame is made of high-quality national standard square tube and welded firmly together.

  • Pair of nip rolls squeeze

    Pair of nip rolls squeeze

    If the high-pressure filter cake is still not ideal enough, it needs to be pressed against the nip roller.

Environmental protectionsuperiority

Market demand, customized new design


Strong production capacity and technical   strength

The company has 15 years of experience in custom solid-liquid separation, independent research and development of

 environmental protection solid-liquid separation equipment, domestic technology stable dewatering equipment 


High-end professional stability


Tailor your own products and engineers provide technical 

solutions one by one.

High degree of automation, reliable performance, 

continuous production work, a lot of reducing expensive 

labor costs.

All accessories are made with domestic first-line products, 

with very stable performance, almost zero failure and zero 


image.pngAdvanced, high performance, R&D and design

Strongly dewatering the roll slag, squeeze the nip roll with high pressure and force the sludge to a greater degree of 

solid-liquid separation.

The high-pressure cleaning device system will effectively and 

continuously remove the residual sludge adhering to the filter belt.

Direct selling brand of factory

Factory direct mode, a variety of dehydration machines an 

slag press for your choice.

Eliminating intermediate links, the price of the same quality product is 6% lower.

Personalized service system, so you no worries

Free to improve the professional technology selection and other related services.

All products are inspected through multiple strict inspections, and the quality of all products is guaranteed.

Perfect pre-sale, sales, after-sales service, so that customers no worries

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